March or Die

Jeremy Stalneckerwith Jeremy Stalnecker

Drawing from his life experience in the military, as a church leader and co-founder of Mighty Oaks, Jeremy Stalnecker seeks to answer the question that we all face in life: “How do you move forward when your world is falling apart?

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About Jeremy

Jeremy is the Co-Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation, dedicated to helping America’s military warriors and their families suffering from the unseen wounds of combat. In Addition to his current role, Jeremy has served as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer, and as Senior Pastor. He is an accomplished author, inspirational speaker and a frequent guest on some of America’s most prominent news networks.

In his podcast, March or Die, Jeremy seeks to help others find hope in their most hopeless situations. Life is hard. As much as we want to live hope-filled lives, these difficulties often keep us stuck. We want to move forward, but we just don’t know how. Drawing from his experiences, Jeremy illustrates how we can put one foot in front of the other in order to move forward amidst life’s challenges. It’s time to stop looking back and allowing yourself to remain stuck. It’s time to take the next step!

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